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It is about a story when years ago, i knew about street view function of Google. That time, an idea burning in my head (and i thought there would be so many people having the same) that with the advantages of this technology, we can develop a virtual tour for travelling and bring it to more and more people (of course at that time, not many people knew about Google street view).
Back to last year, a friend of mine in Finland, that time working for a fast-moving start up there told me about her intention to kick off her own business in Vietnam upon coming back the country. She knew a kind of technology that allows people to move freely within an interior space, that’s somehow as in-house street view, a funny way called by us. Luckily, we got the common idea and worked together to develop it caused we saw the potential and benefits it can bring to the customer. On the other hand, we wished to apply this modern technology in Vietnam – our mother land.
Nowadays, even though we do not focus on developing the idea of building up virtual tour for travelling like it was initially but at least, we are setting up a platform, known as a bridge to connect parties together and satisfy their business needs through the immersive experience that the technology provided. Specifically, by visualising the space with 3D scanning method, the entire space is created vividly and intutively which helps users having the best real view and immersive experience ever. Viewers can start to explore the space like being there, they are freely to move around, to any corner in their way. Incredible to use, nicely display and fastly load on desktop, tablet and smartphone for both online and offline status, all create the impressive image for the services at the very first time of launching. Under commercial point of view, this technology will be a very good marketing tool for the space owners in real estate, hotel, resort, food and beverage, exhibition and convention industry to use to bring the real images of space to their customers. On the customer’s side, they can access to the space anywhere at anytime, this convenience will help them reducing cost and lead-time compared with a direct visit but still remains the same kind of experience. Under the cultural and humanism perspective, the technology can help to preserve the ancient values through the record of old design, structure which may be modified or changed during the maintenance and restoration works.
In a near period, we target to (i) gain the viewer’s trust on the real space they look through the high quality services we provide as well as (ii) make this technology accessible to more and more users. That’s not only the objective of our daily business but also the mission we wish to bring to the community.
– Ho Chi Minh, August 2016 –
Robert Duc Nguyen – CEO

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