Who are we?

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Who we are?

We are the future of virtual reality. By using the latest 3D camera technology, we will guide you on your journey to explore the world in a way like never before. We deliver real visual experiences to help enhance your business in any industry from real estate to entertainment. Our 3D interactive tour is a truly immersive experience that provide the most realistic sense as if you are really there. We make it easy for anyone to experience total immersion, explore the property or space that has been captured right from your browser or mobile device without the need to travel

Why us?

  • Sophisticated Immersive Media
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • User Friendly Service

Everyone wins!

For Commercial Real Estate, Mimoza’s solutions improve the speed of your units by qualifying potential tenants before they have even been through the door.

For Culture Spaces, Mimoza’s solutions attract visitors to special exhibits or display stunning architecture in the most unique and meaningful way by providing a virtual tour so they can explore venues online even though they cannot travel there.

For Travel, Hospitality and Event Planning, visitors will get a real sense for their experience right before they even arrive. Offering an 3D walkthrough will eventually create a connection with your guests and set you apart from other competitors.

For Retail and Restaurant, we help draw more customers and engage them by providing an accurate preview of your establishment.

For Mimoza, you help us accomplish our mission!

Mimoza, 2016