Founded in 2016, we aim to help anyone fully visualise your space with a reliable and immersive experience. Stay professional and win more customers with our Property Marketing Solutions.

Our team

Ho Nguyen – A Wanderlust

Strategic, business development lead. Marketing and Tourism learning background. Co-founder of AAUtravel.net - a 8 year room booking agency. Founder of SpaceTravel - a booking agency and Tour operator.

Hue Kieu – A powerful mom

Project and corporate partnership lead, process & front/back end services lead. International Business learning. 8-year- experience banker in various roles; inter-countries projects worked with extensive experience obtained.

Robert Duc Nguyen – Sport lover

Strategic, commercial & financial head. IESEG business learning. Ex-KPMG; Retail Manager in UK, multi-industries understanding & overseas projects handled.


By optimising the technologies utilisation, we help viewers having the best-real experience of space, shortening lead-time and saving cost compared with the direct visit.

In a near period, we target to gain the viewer’s trust on the real space they look through the high quality services we provide. That’s not only the objective of our daily business but also the mission we want to bring to the community.

                                                                                                                  Rober Duc Nguyen - CEO  


Aim to be the convenient platform, as a bridge to connect parties together and satisfy their business needs.

We know that nowadays technologies change very quickly, that’s why we do not have the ambition to head of those changes but always strive to utilise them to bring the best benefits to our customer.

Robert Duc Nguyen - CEO

We are always exciting to meet new people and hear new stories!